About Us...

nicetunesradio is the result of our love of the 60’s to 90’s tunes.
Our program is compiled for a huge part of artist’s works and songs of this wonderful and rich periods of musical creations.
We thus choose the LENVAL foundation dedicated to the help of Sick Children, situated on French Riviera.


Design’ Ferronnerie DIFRAL - Menuiserie Aluminium Rdv ROCK Anthony Laugier Plomberie  Les Chiens Guides d'Aveugles David Duchamp ~ Artiste Contemporain NTM Aluminium Kosma Live-Club Max Estin Chausseur MVA - Menuiserie Aluminium PVC La Shounga


All profits goes to :

Lenval Hospital

Nice (French Riviera)

Remise Chèque Lenval - February 2019

12 february 2019